Custom Mapmaking

Accurate, easily understood maps, site plans and related graphics are important aspects of an effective marketing, planning, promotional or programming operation. Unfortunately, it is often hard to find attractive, high-quality maps made to suit your specific needs.

Chrismar can solve this problem by providing a complete map-making service, offering all services needed including:

-project planning-



-graphic design-

-aerial photography-

-publication layout-

-photogrammetric survey-


-ground-level survey-

Our experience and the wide variety of projects we've undertaken gives us a unique understanding of the types of information required for a custom-designed map, and knowledge of the best methods of portraying the information for various audiences. Digital production methods and the seasoned experience of an on-staff Chartered Cartographer ensure superb quality images, previewing of design options, rapid updating, colour proofs, and clear, crisp reproduction.

Here are a few sample sections of just a few of the 3,500+ projects we've worked on over the past 10 years, producing over 12,000 maps. Note: the limitations of the internet and computer screen resolution render these as both smaller and far less sharp than the orginals.

This small city required some custom maps for trail brochures and signs geared to promoting outdoor activities. Chrismar prepared an original topographic base map for a large area, surveyed the trail, prepared the graphic and produced the signs.
A national telcommunications company required an effective map graphic for their annual report. Chrismar not only prepared a simple base map but also processed the data for the coverage and links showing the required information.
A school required a map of their neighbourhood with which they could conduct a variety of social survey, geography and navigation activities. Chrismar produced an original topographic base map to serve the purpose, and asisted with program development.
A provincial park required an informative reference map of its campground so visitors could easily find their way around. Chrismar used existing information provided by the client to prepare an inexpensive document with excellent clarity.
This top-rated summer camp required an attractive site map for visitor orientation and program development. Chrismar prepared a detailed base map, did extensive field surveys to capture all features, and drew the final product, providing both hand-held copies & large signs.
This regional municipality required an effective communication tool to promote their annual farming event, but also to serve as a longer-lasting promotional tool for local attractions. Chrismar prepared a detailed road map-like product that met all goals.
This multinational corporation required a simple, yet effective map graphic to show a sales coverage area. Chrismar prepared an original base map, applied the coverage data and colourized for maximum impact.
As part of a series of outdoor interpretive panels being produced by Chrismar Signs, this sign required a map showing a selection of major shipwrecks on Lake Superior. Chrismar did the research, located the wrecks on the map and wrote a short detailed description of each.

For more information about our services simply call, fax or e-mail Chrismar with the details. We'll be happy to evaluate the project and provide a written proposal for your consideration.

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